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Darryl Pentz darryl.pentz at attix5.com
Fri Sep 23 06:24:27 EDT 2005

Hi all,

We've managed to yank all the GDL code out of the MonoDevelop source and
we've built a gdl-sharp.dll so that we can use the docking behaviour in an
app we're developing at our company.

I've been playing with the GdlDockTest app and have to say I find it VERY
frustrating. Not least of which is the fact that I find scant little
documentation on this code. I realize it's not a shipped part of GTK# but
nevertheless, one would expect there would be some useful HOWTO coverage of
this code *somewhere* to encourage others to make use of it.

I found some disparate comments in a few newsgroup threads but none of it is
consistent with the behaviour of the docking object model. For instance:
- when setting a DockItemBehaviour to NeverFloating, it makes no difference.
Good luck when you click on the DockBar button... it floats one time, then
docks the next, then floats, then docks, then floats, then floats... almost
as if by some random cosmic logic.
- adding certain event handlers are futile. DockBar.ButtonPressEvent and
DockBar.ButtonReleaseEvent are two examples. My breakpoints don't get

Does this code actually work properly, and if so, has anybody got any decent
documentation on it (although some comments in the code would have also been
useful)? The main issue for me right now (I'm sure others will follow) is
the unpredictable/uncontrollable behaviour when a DockItem is iconified, and
then uniconified. There's nothing obvious in the API which suggests a way to
trap the event and determine where the dock item should be rendered. It's
this haphazard behaviour that is very frustrating.

Any help or links would be greatly appreciated.

- Darryl Pentz
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