[Gtk-sharp-list] GTK# for MS .NET samples/BroswerSharp demo problem

Ross Balmer ross.balmer at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 16:07:06 EDT 2005


I have recently installed GTK# for Windows, but I'm having trouble getting
it set up properly to do what I have to do. Specifically, I can't seem to
get the "BrowserSharp" demo in  the samples directory to work properly, and
I really need to get Glade and Gecko working for my own project.

I have tried both the binary of BrowserSharp.exe which came with the
installer, and a version which I compiled myself. They both trigger a
general protection fault and give me this error message:

(<unknown>:3100): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_convert: assertion `str != NULL'

Here is how I set up and compiled the demo:

I had already installed MS .NET framework v1.1.4322. I installed
gtksharp- installer to get GTK# 2.6 running on my

Since I do not have Visual Studio but I do have Nant, I used XSLT to
transform the BrowserSharp.csproj to a new file, nant.build, and I fixed up
the dll references in the new file by hand with the full path to each dll
(previously only the filename was included in the references). I then ran
Nant to build and compile the demo, which compiled OK.

I then tried to run the demo, but I got the error which I described above.

I would really love to get GTK#, Glade# and Gecko# to work on my machine.
They seem to me to be a very well-designed set of libraries, they would be
ideal for the project that I have in mind for them, and they will be a great
help in getting my program to run on multiple OSes, so any help that anyone
could give me would be very much appreciated!

I am a bit of a newbie at GTK, and at .NET really though I do have a little
experience. I am pretty sure I have the right version of GTK for my setup,
but I am not sure if I have done everything I need to to get it running
properly. Any tips at all would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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