[Gtk-sharp-list] TreeView ButonPressEvent doesn't trigger

László Monda mondalaci at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 12:01:46 EDT 2005

Hi List,

I have problems with triggering several TreeView signals.  I know that
many widgets don't receive lots of signals by default.  I tried to
change that behaviour by manipulatating the event mask using:

tv.Events = EventMask.AllEventsMask; or

but none of them worked.

I've modified the GTK# ManagedTreeViewDemo.cs example to try this out
and demonstrate this problem.

ButtonReleaseEvent triggers, but ButtonPressEvent doesn't, even after
manipulating the event mask.  I've both attached and included the code


// ManagedTreeViewDemo.cs - Another TreeView demo
// Author: Rachel Hestilow <hestilow at ximian.com>
// (c) 2003 Rachel Hestilow

namespace GtkSamples {
	using System;
	using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

	using Gtk;
	using Gdk;

	public class TreeViewDemo {
		private static ListStore store = null;
		private class Pair {
			public string a, b;
			public Pair (string a, string b) {
				this.a = a;
				this.b = b;

		private static void PopulateStore ()
			store = new ListStore (typeof (Pair));
			string[] combs = {"foo", "bar", "baz", "quux"};
			foreach (string a in combs) {
				foreach (string b in combs) {
					store.AppendValues (new Pair (a, b));

		private static void CellDataA (Gtk.TreeViewColumn tree_column,
Gtk.CellRenderer cell, Gtk.TreeModel tree_model, Gtk.TreeIter iter)
			Pair val = (Pair) store.GetValue (iter, 0);
			((CellRendererText) cell).Text = val.a;
		private static void CellDataB (Gtk.TreeViewColumn tree_column,
Gtk.CellRenderer cell, Gtk.TreeModel tree_model, Gtk.TreeIter iter)
			Pair val = (Pair) store.GetValue (iter, 0);
			((CellRendererText) cell).Text = val.b;
		public static void Main (string[] args)
			Application.Init ();

			PopulateStore ();

			Gtk.Window win = new Gtk.Window ("TreeView demo");
			win.DeleteEvent += new DeleteEventHandler (DeleteCB);
			win.DefaultWidth = 320;
			win.DefaultHeight = 480;

			ScrolledWindow sw = new ScrolledWindow ();
			win.Add (sw);

			TreeView tv = new TreeView (store);
			//tv.Events = EventMask.AllEventsMask;
			tv.ButtonPressEvent += new ButtonPressEventHandler(OnButtonPressEvent);
			tv.ButtonReleaseEvent += new ButtonReleaseEventHandler(OnButtonReleaseEvent);
			tv.HeadersVisible = true;

			tv.AppendColumn ("One", new CellRendererText (), new
TreeCellDataFunc (CellDataA));
			tv.AppendColumn ("Two", new CellRendererText (), new
TreeCellDataFunc (CellDataB));

			sw.Add (tv);
			win.ShowAll ();

			Application.Run ();

		public static void OnButtonPressEvent(object o, ButtonPressEventArgs args)
		    Console.WriteLine("Button pressed.");

		public static void OnButtonReleaseEvent(object o, ButtonReleaseEventArgs args)
		    Console.WriteLine("Button released.");

		private static void DeleteCB (System.Object o, DeleteEventArgs args)
			Application.Quit ();


Anyone could drop some knowledge on this issue?

Thanks in advance!


    Blog: http://monda.hu/~laci/blog
    Home: http://mondalaci.objectis.net
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