[Gtk-sharp-list] TreeView RowActivated triggers twice

László Monda mondalaci at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 11:15:30 EDT 2005

Hi List,

I'm writing a file manager application using GTK# and I have some
problems with the TreeView widget.  In my application TreeView
functions as the basis of the file panel that shows the files of a
directory.  When the user changes a directory, I'm using SetCursor to
set the cursor to the first entry of the panel.

The problem is that when I use the enter key to select a directory,
the RowActivated event gets triggered two times right after each
other.  It's very annoying because this effect makes the panel change
another directory (the first directory entry) again.

It is odd that using the mouse for activating a row doesn't cause this problem.

How can I avoid RowActivated being triggered twice?

Thanks in advance.


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