[Gtk-sharp-list] Custom (subclassed) widget, example

Fredrik Nilsson jymdman at home.se
Mon Oct 17 11:38:52 EDT 2005


Your example works for me if I add 
subclassedWidget.Show () 
to your code...

Also remember that if you, like in your previous mail, add a TreeView to
a ScrolledWindow, you need to use foo.ShowAll ().
If not, only the scrolled window is shown, not the treeview.

Maybe there is some problem with the version of gtk-sharp you are using.

I use ubuntu breezy with gtk-sharp 2.3.92.


mån 2005-10-17 klockan 11:44 +0200 skrev Sebastian:
> Hello,
> I attached a trivial example where adding a subclassed widget to a 
> glade-initialized Gtk# GUI fails.  A subclassed Gtk.Label instance is 
> added to a glade-intialized VBox, but fails to show up.
> Thanks for reviewing,
> Sebastian
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