[Gtk-sharp-list] GTK / ThreadNotify sample wiki

Alain Perry sensei@quarkup.org
Tue, 03 May 2005 23:33:01 +0200

Le mardi 03 mai 2005 à 21:21 +0000, underdog10@netcourrier.com a écrit :
> Hello,


> I made a sample using Thread and GTK.
> It launch a glade app.
> Click on the button.
> It will fill a progress bar.
> I show 2 ways to use thread fct:
>  *in a single class 
>  *using 2 class (window, BigJob).
> It can be improve but i think it will be good idea to add this kind of sample on the wiki or on monodoc.

Thanks for the effort of providing examples, I've never really used
threads so this might be a good start :-)

However, I have some trouble understanding you're example...
Using the 2 class sample (I haven't tried the other yet), if I augment
the Thread.Sleep value in the Ecrire2 method, shouldn't it only pause
the main thread ? It looks like it pauses the everything, so I don't get
the point of multi-threading then... I'm confused here.
Could you explain a bit more how it works ?


Alain Perry