[Gtk-sharp-list] TreeIter user_data

Caleb Land redhatdude at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 14:39:33 EDT 2005

This is a problem I'm having. I've found a solution that involved 
Marshall.StructureToPtr () to dump the structure to a more open one, and 
then I used it again to dump it back. This could be a really bad idea, I 
don't know, but it's worked.

On 7/24/05, MSD <no1msd at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> I've tried to create a custom model for the treeview widget, but i have a 
> problem using the treeiter struct. The documentation says "Models are 
> expected to put a unique integer in the TreeIter.stamp** field, and put 
> model-specific data in the three TreeIter.user_data fields." but i can't 
> find any user_data fields. After doing some google research i found that 
> there are _user_data, _user_data2, _user_data3 fields, but they are 
> protected and i cannot access them from outside. So how am i supposed to put 
> data in them? I'm using 1.0.8, latest stable.
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