[Gtk-sharp-list] gstreamer bindings and video

Christian Eide chreide at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 05:32:51 EDT 2005

Short version of my question: How do i use the gst-sharp bindings to
embed a video stream in a Gtk# app? Can someone point me to a example?

Longer version:
First I have to say I am quite new to both gstreamer and C#. I've been
looking at the gst-sharp bindings and have successfully made some
simple audio players. But the main reason i started looking into this
was that i wanted to make a simple video player using these bindings.
I am able to make simple pipelines that stream the video in a toplevel
window (xvimagsink). I understand that this sink implements a XOverlay
interface, and this interface provides possibilities to draw the
stream to a Gtk# widget. I'm supposed to set the xid of the gdkwindow
in this interface. However, I can't understand how to "access" this
implementation of the interface, or how to get the xid of the widget.

I haven't found any documentation or example on how to do this, and it
seems it isn't a single project out there doing it. Is this because
the bindings are not complete/usable in this area? I've experimented a
little, but every approach segfaults without error messages.

I'm using gstreamer 0.8.10, and gst-sharp from cvs.

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