[Gtk-sharp-list] Maybe a bug in ListStore under Windows

Michele Beltrame admin at talkblade.info
Tue Jul 5 09:55:13 EDT 2005


I kept on doing some tests and I discovered I have a problem: I need to
distribute this application to Windows machines in which there is the
package version 1.1.8 of Mono, which features Gtk# 1.9.5 which has this
bug. I guess I could create an installer from the SVN version, but I'm
not able to at present time.

So, what I'm asking is: is there a way from C# code to circumvent this
problem? I found nothing besides Foreach to loop through a ListStore,
but maybe somebody has a good idea... ;-)

	Thanks, Michele.

Michele Beltrame
ICQ# 76660101

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