[Gtk-sharp-list] Maybe a bug in ListStore under Windows

Michele Beltrame admin at talkblade.info
Sun Jul 3 14:16:03 EDT 2005


> We used to have the same problem, however it is absolutely for sure
> fixed on gtk# from SVN + ms.net. Have you tried using the ms.net
> installers?

Not really. I'm using the mono package, and not MS.NET + gtk-sharp as I
need also ByteFX for MySQL access, which comes with Mono. Yeah, I guess
I could install it separately on .NET, but the Mono package his handy
because it does everything with a single installation (even though it's
302MB once unpacked).

Anyhow, I'll try the MS.NET way as soon as ByteFx.Com web sites comes up
again. But in the meanwhile a fixed version of Mono might come out...
(hope, hope!) ;-)

	Thanks, Michele.

Michele Beltrame
ICQ# 76660101

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