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Gennadiy Donchyts don at env.com.ua
Wed Dec 14 10:13:44 EST 2005

 As I noticed MonoDevelop is under GPL which is ok for free development
environment but I don't like personally
if it would also cover other controls developed for MD. In my oppinion it
would be best if MD will have:
MonoDevelop (GPL<http://monodevelop.com/FAQ#Under_which_license_is_MonoDevelop_available.3F>)
+ MonoDevelop Framework (LGPL or any other less restrictive).
Under Framework I mean a set of base libraries (workflow management,
services, commands, controls, docking).

Some sources inside MonoDevelop (saw it in the 0.8) were with Novell license
(?) (like TreeView).

But for example docking sources contain GPL which automatically means that
such a library is useless for
any free library which is planned to be used in commercial software also, am
I right?  Since LGPL code could
be used in any commercial or free (LGPL/GPL) software  I see no problem
using it. An advantage is that
in this case it will be possible to create derived libraries from other LGPL

On 12/14/05, Victor Rafael Rivarola Soerensen (FANATICO y LOCO por Cristo) <
vrrivaro at gmail.com> wrote:

> ...
> > Also, I can think of at least one other candidate to include in a
> > library like this: Lluis's Dock Toolbars in MonoDevelop (here:
> >
> http://svn.myrealbox.com/viewcvs/trunk/monodevelop/Core/src/MonoDevelop.Components/MonoDevelop.Components.DockToolbars/)
> >
> > They are pretty sweet.
> >
> > And, for personal reasons, It would be nice to see this library licensed
> > under MIT X11.  :)
> >
> > Scott
> >
> There seems to be a conflict of interests on your part.

MonoDevelop is licenced under the GNU LGPL. The LGPL states that you
> cannot change it to any other licence, except the GPL (regardless
> weather it is more libertine or not).
> Now that I remember, the DataGrid control is also part of MonoDevelop
> sometime in its history, that means we should settle on the LGPL only,
> as the GPL is really not adecuate for a library.
> (While I am at this, let me ask if anybody knows what is a DataGrid
> doing in MonoDevelop?)
> We could of course allow additional widgets that have not been freed
> by the GNU licences under a more libertine one, but they would have to
> be new controls, not ones based on code under the LGPL.
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