[Gtk-sharp-list] Improving Gtk#

José Alexandre Antunes Faria jose.faria.flmid@gmail.com
Tue, 26 Apr 2005 16:12:27 +0100

Hi there,

What I find more sad about Gtk# is that some classes are not ajusted to
the .Net usage reallity, for instance I'm talking about usefull methods
for handling things inside assemblies. The .Net assemblies are in
general more programmer friendly. (I understand why.)

But Gtk# is nevertheless much more powerfull.

Another thing that bugs me is that sometimes we try to extend an
existing class and it just won't work. I haven't spoted the problem, but
aparently it had to do with the way gtk (C) simulates inheritance. (I
have even checked the C code) I'm not sure perhaps some kind of multiple
or selective inheritance.

I'm planning on using gecko, gtksourceview, gnome.canvas and

About the opengl issue, I think its a thing that is going to happen
really soon, lots of apps will go 3d, Sun (and others) are pushing it
and it will happen, any developer that wants to develop hip apps will
have to move to it, so the openGl to me is a must in a very near future.

The TreeView and NodeStore, I had to make a few hacks so that is worked
okay with my programming style, but I think they are very powerfull and
it pays off.

About rendering, I don't use System.Drawing for a couple of years now,
but I found the Gdk rendering API very weak, I stalled that part, going
too return to it quite soon, but I'm going to try to do all I need using

But I must be honest to admit that I had tryed to use the cairo api
directy and cairo's svg extension. I stoped because at the moment I was
using gtk# 1.0 and I hadn't Gtk-dotnet ;).

I think that a revised managed Gtk# would be a very cool thing, but the
groups that are working on toolkits prefer to make compatibility layers
on top of gtk# and win32.

Sorry, to long, :(

José Faria

On Mon, 2005-04-25 at 23:56 -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>    As people develop applications with Gtk#, I would love to hear
> people's opinion on what we can do to make Gtk# better.  
>    I am posting a few ideas that we could discuss:
>         * TreeView and NodeStore: Useful?  Complex?  What would
>           people like to see there?
>         * Rendering: Gdk stinks for rendering, do you find convenient
>           the code to use System.Drawing in Gtk-dotnet.dll?  What about
>           Cairo?  
>           Are people using either one?
>         * What third party widgets you are using?
>         * What third party widgets from the Gtk+ world you feel are
>           missing for Mono developers?
>         * What things do you find obnoxious, annoying about Gtk#?
>         * Do you use/need OpenGL?  If you do, how do you do it?
>         * What kind of samples are missing?
>         * What kind of tutorials you would like to see?
> Miguel.
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