[Gtk-sharp-list] Multiple Windows and Application.Init problem

ajadex ajadex@matcom.uh.cu
Wed, 6 Apr 2005 14:27:14 -0500

Thanks, it's works.

> Application.Init() and Run() MUST be in a static method, be it the
> 'main' entry method or called from it.
> Also see that Application.Run() is a blocking call, it will run
> nearly-forever in the message dequeueing loop and won't come back
> until the end of the application is queued with Application.Quit().
> Your Login Window can and should be executed in modal fashion, you are
> just confusing things...
> It should be inherited from Dialog and then you can call it's Run
> method (after calling Application.Init(), but without needing to go
> into the blocking Application.Run())...