[Gtk-sharp-list] There's not Parser for Union in Structs

Daniel Espinosa Daniel Espinosa <esodan@gmail.com>
Tue, 5 Apr 2005 15:08:20 -0500

Navigating in the code for parse Gda in gtk-sharp, I found the
gap2xml.pl parser wich automaticali parser the code in C to C# (I

At gapi2xml.pl, I found it parse typedef, struct, enum and class_init,
but it dosn't do the proper for union.

In the case of Gda, the GdaValue struct have a union inside, but is
not parser for the perl script.

This problem and the correct already parser code is in:


(Search for "gda/generated/Value.cs")

GdaValue Definition:

typedef struct {
	GdaValueType type;
	union {                           /* look */
		gint64 v_bigint;
 	        guint64 v_biguint;
		gpointer v_binary;
		GdaBlob v_blob;
		gboolean v_boolean;
                GdaValueType v_type;
		guint v_uinteger;
	} value;
	glong binary_length;
} GdaValue;

I don't know about Perl programing, then I can't help too much.