[Gtk-sharp-list] win32 vs linux override discrepancy

will@xpi.net will@xpi.net
Wed, 3 Mar 2004 15:38:59 -0700 (Mountain Standard Time)

I have put the latest CVS WIN32 builds in an installer at
http://pop.xpi.net/gtksharp/gtksharp.exe .

This installer is similar to the .15 installer I made a while back but is
using the latest CVS build.

Works for VS .NET/C# Builder.

By request, I have changed the install dir to C:\Program
Files\GNU\LIB\GTKSHARP .   But you can actually install the libraries
anywhere you want to (I prefer C:\GNU\LIB\GTKSHARP). If you are using my
previous installer, unistall it using the Add/Remove link and then install
this new one.

Don't forget to update your references in VS .NET to the new install dir.

Also this version of the Installer has one annoying bug in it that I
haven't had the time to correct:

If you decide to uninstall GTKSHARP, it will remove the entry in the
Add/Remove Programs tool in the Control Panel.  However, it does not
correctly remove the shortcut in the Windows Start Menu.  Just right-click
on it and delete it.

I will get around to fixing that annoying bug when I have the time.

Also for you extremely lazy people out there (count me in this group):

I have a new Windows installer that is currently in testing with my QA
guy.  It is fully aware of Mono, MCS, VS .NET and C# Builder.  So it will
let you choose which compiler to install for.  It also will grab the
latest daily CVS builds of GTKSharp from our servers so that I don't have
to keep recompiling the installer for new people.  Then there is an
auto-update tool that will check daily for new builds of the gtksharp
libraries and download an incrimental (spelling?) patch for the files from
the servers.  On the server end, it builds the latest cvs builds
automatically and makes them available for the auto-update tool in the

The thought was to take the headache out of using the GTKSHARP libraries
and let people focus on just developing.

When the newer installer is available, I will let everyone know.


--Will Collins
  Xperience Software

> I've been using gtk# on linux (mono) and win32 (.net). This has been
> working flawlessly for quite a while. Now that I upgraded gtk# on linux
> to 0.17, the same code does not compile on .net. I decided to compile my
> 0.17 dll's using cygwin (for the first time). Not sure if I'm doing it
> right. Took the 7 compiled dll's and put them in my Bin/Debug directory
> of my visual studio solution. This is where I usually put them when I
> download them from the gtk# site and they work.
> Assuming that I compiled them correctly, I cannot override
> OnButtonPressEvent on win32 (.net). On linux it's ok.
> I get "no suitable method found to override."
> I'm using:
> protected override bool OnButtonPressEvent(Gdk.EventButton evnt)
> In order for it to work on .net, I have to use ref:
> protected override bool OnButtonPressEvent(ref Gdk.EventButton evnt)
> Also, members of Gdk.EventButton are lower case in win32 and uppercase
> on mono (linux) such as:
> button, x, and y
> Does anyone have the windows dll's for 0.17? I would like to try someone
> else's?
> Regards,
> Alvaro
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