[Gtk-sharp-list] win32 vs linux override discrepancy

Alvaro A. Ramirez alramire@ecs.syr.edu
Wed, 03 Mar 2004 15:17:01 -0500

I've been using gtk# on linux (mono) and win32 (.net). This has been
working flawlessly for quite a while. Now that I upgraded gtk# on linux
to 0.17, the same code does not compile on .net. I decided to compile my
0.17 dll's using cygwin (for the first time). Not sure if I'm doing it
right. Took the 7 compiled dll's and put them in my Bin/Debug directory
of my visual studio solution. This is where I usually put them when I
download them from the gtk# site and they work. 

Assuming that I compiled them correctly, I cannot override
OnButtonPressEvent on win32 (.net). On linux it's ok. 

I get "no suitable method found to override."

I'm using:

protected override bool OnButtonPressEvent(Gdk.EventButton evnt)

In order for it to work on .net, I have to use ref:

protected override bool OnButtonPressEvent(ref Gdk.EventButton evnt)

Also, members of Gdk.EventButton are lower case in win32 and uppercase
on mono (linux) such as:

button, x, and y

Does anyone have the windows dll's for 0.17? I would like to try someone