[Gtk-sharp-list] Installing on OS X

Chris Ridd chris.ridd@isode.com
Sun, 20 Jun 2004 10:16:07 +0100

On 19/6/04 10:31 pm, Matt Spong <mspong@gmail.com> wrote:

> Nope.  The only DarwinPorts stuff I have is the Mono install (on the
> Mono site, they recommend using Fink to install the dependencies
> anyway, so I'm surprised there's a problem).  I don't have a
> libgthread anywhere on my system except for in /sw/lib.

I couldn't see anything like that on the mono site, but it doesn't sound
like a smart suggestion to me.

>> Have you considered building mono from Fink or DP?
> I had installed it from Fink originally, and it worked great.  But I
> (stupidly, apparently) removed it to install the binary package from
> the Mono site, figuring it would be better to have the "official"
> version installed.  I'd reinstall the version in Fink, but they don't
> have beta3 in there yet.

OK well since beta 3, gnome and gtk# all build fine from darwinports so I'd
have to suggest you start from there instead of fink or the binary install.
Perhaps the fink guys are waiting for things to stablise, or for the
darwinports guys to iron out all the wrinkles before they update :-)

> Matt