[Gtk-sharp-list] Installing on OS X

Matt Spong mspong@gmail.com
Sat, 19 Jun 2004 17:31:52 -0400

Hi Chris,

> The /sw prefix is used by Fink. I don't know who built the OS X beta
> package, but as that installs into /opt/local which is where Darwinports
> installs things by default, I'd guess the package came from a Darwinports
> user.

Yeah.  I tried installing beta3 last night to see if it solved the
problem, and the installer had a DarwinPorts logo.  It also clobbered
by pkg-config, so GTK# wouldn't even configure properly (there was an
option in the installer to install pkg-config, but all it did was set
up a symlink to a non-existent pkg-config in
/Library/Frameworks/Mono.Framework/Commands.  Even when that option is
unchecked, it still did the same thing, btw.

> Mixing bits of Fink with bits of Darwinports is not a good idea. Have you
> any idea why something's looking in /sw when you're trying to run mono
> stuff? (Check your environment variables.) Do you have an
> /opt/local/lib/libgthread*?

Nope.  The only DarwinPorts stuff I have is the Mono install (on the
Mono site, they recommend using Fink to install the dependencies
anyway, so I'm surprised there's a problem).  I don't have a
libgthread anywhere on my system except for in /sw/lib.

> Have you considered building mono from Fink or DP?

I had installed it from Fink originally, and it worked great.  But I
(stupidly, apparently) removed it to install the binary package from
the Mono site, figuring it would be better to have the "official"
version installed.  I'd reinstall the version in Fink, but they don't
have beta3 in there yet.


Matt Spong