[Gtk-sharp-list] Group RadioButton

Raúl Moratalla raul.moratalla@ono.com
Sat, 07 Aug 2004 11:09:08 +0200

underdog10@netcourrier.com escribió:
> I can't use glade because i need a full GUI working on linux and Win32.
> Glade depends on gnome lib wich doesn't exist on win32.
> it crash on the autoconnect function.
> So i made everything by hand.

No, glade doesn't depends on gnome lib. My application uses glade and it 
compiles fine in windows and linux, but I couldn't test it in windows 
because it uses libegg and it's ony available for linux. I will remove 
the part of the code that uses libegg and I will try it and I confirm to 
you if it runs without any problem or if it crashes on the autoconnect 

> But i found the group radio in the prj2make-sharp-gtk project and many other stuff.
> Something else,
> i could not found any edit or rename stock item.
> Why?
> And a another,
> In my application, i have two big process.
> so i would like to handle then in a thread or by a timeout.
> That way it could see my progress bar.
> Do you know an application wich has it?
No, I don't know any application that uses threads :(, if you find 
information about it please let me know, as I am learning C# and 
.NET/Mono and I'm interested in it

Best regards,