[Gtk-sharp-list] Group RadioButton

underdog10@netcourrier.com underdog10@netcourrier.com
Sat, 7 Aug 2004 02:53:12 CEST

I can't use glade because i need a full GUI working on linux and Win32.
Glade depends on gnome lib wich doesn't exist on win32.
it crash on the autoconnect function.
So i made everything by hand.

But i found the group radio in the prj2make-sharp-gtk project and many oth=
er stuff.

Something else,
i could not found any edit or rename stock item.

And a another,
In my application, i have two big process.
so i would like to handle then in a thread or by a timeout.
That way it could see my progress bar.
Do you know an application wich has it?


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>> Hi,
>> =

>> I have create radiobutton, but i could not make it as a group.
>> =

>> Does anyone all ready made this?
>> =

>Hi, I did it using glade as there is a property for assign the desired =

>group. Take a look at the documentation, I think that should exist a =

>property for assign the group to the radiobutton. The name of the group =

>should be the name of one of the radiobuttons (I'm not sure of it).
>If you are not using glade I recommend to you using it, as it solves =

>some problems like this ;)
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