[Gtk-sharp-list] Daily Builds of GTK# Win32 Binaries

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan@verizon.net
Wed, 14 Apr 2004 18:58:24 -0400

Wow!  Daily builds of gtk# binaries for Win32!  This is trully awesome!

If I had the ability to host it, I would.

Mike Kestner is the head of GTK#.  Ask him to put them up on Sourceforge or
link to you.

I'm sure Miguel de Icaza would be interested in hearing this too.  Link to
these daily builds from www.go-mono.com.

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The GTKSharp Windows installer on the Sourceforge page is missing several
glue files (someone correct me on this if I am wrong).  So you should
either build GTKSharp from CVS.  Or you can download my .Net installer and
change the install directory to the correct one for your Mono

You can download my own installer (it is a little over 2MB) from
http://pop.xpi.net/gtksharp/gtksharp.exe  .

Or if you don't care about the installer part (it makes it work for .Net)
then I have also put today's CVS build of all of the GtkSharp binaries.
It is a small 300K zip file found at
http://pop.xpi.net/gtksharp/gtksharp.zip  .

There should currently be 10 binary files for GTKSharp on Windows.  The
smaller zip file only contains these files.  It does not contain any of
the GTK 2.0 stuff (such as pango and WIMP).  If you want that stuff, you
should download my full installer and then copy the files to your Mono

--Will Collins

> On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 00:26 -0400, Peter Williams wrote:
>> On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 19:58, Britt Selvitelle wrote:
>> > This problem is the same as the one Jesse mentioned. I've been working
>> > on an application in both linux and windows. I booted to windows
>> > recently to make sure everything compiled and ran fine, and since the
>> > following has occurred (everything runs flawlessly in linux, btw):
>> The newer gtk-sharp breaks what used to be one glue library into a bunch
>> of separate glue libraries: gtksharpglue.dll, glibsharpglue.dll,
>> gnomesharpglue.dll, etc. It looks like for some reason that the runtime
>> can't find these new libraries. (Did you have to copy the new glue
>> library somewhere special before? Did you install the new gtk-sharp to a
>> different directory than before?)
> Thanks for the reply. Doing a search on my system reports that the only
> file with glue even in the name is
> C:\Program Files\Mono-0.31\lib\gtksharpglue.dll
> I've never done anything but install everything into the standard
> directories.
> So it seems the necessary files don't even exist on my system right now.
> How could this have happened (I've used the windows installers from the
> webpage), and more importantly then, how can i remedy this?
> Thanks again,
> Britt
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