[Gtk-sharp-list] glibsharpglue DllNotFoundException

Britt Selvitelle mbs@uky.edu
Wed, 14 Apr 2004 04:49:58 -0400

Worked like a charm! Thanks so much.

Unfortunately my original problem still remains. The application crashes
on the inclusion of the activate_row signal in a TreeView in glade. Has
this just not been implemented yet?

Thanks again,

On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 01:15 -0600, will@xpi.net wrote:
> The GTKSharp Windows installer on the Sourceforge page is missing several
> glue files (someone correct me on this if I am wrong).  So you should
> either build GTKSharp from CVS.  Or you can download my .Net installer and
> change the install directory to the correct one for your Mono
> installation.
> You can download my own installer (it is a little over 2MB) from
> http://pop.xpi.net/gtksharp/gtksharp.exe  .
> Or if you don't care about the installer part (it makes it work for .Net)
> then I have also put today's CVS build of all of the GtkSharp binaries.
> It is a small 300K zip file found at
> http://pop.xpi.net/gtksharp/gtksharp.zip  .
> There should currently be 10 binary files for GTKSharp on Windows.  The
> smaller zip file only contains these files.  It does not contain any of
> the GTK 2.0 stuff (such as pango and WIMP).  If you want that stuff, you
> should download my full installer and then copy the files to your Mono
> folder.
> --Will Collins