[Gtk-sharp-list] Points/Lines and Glade

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Thu, 01 Apr 2004 13:53:28 -0500


> The problem with scribble and glade was (to put it in my own words/not
> knowing how to describe it clearly) that the events didn't get connected
> the right way?
> I mean, for example, that there is an event in scribble called
> "ConfigureEvent" that should create the pixmap and paint it with a white
> background.
> So it doesn't get called or the parameters aren't the right? I guess
> thats why it kills with a NullPointerException.
> I did both ways, configuring the events in glade and/or connecting them
> in scribble. Neither worked.
> I've found a solution for the thing i wanted to do. (just loading a
> glade file with a drawingarea and paint to them.)

Pixmaps do not have the flags set to allow for any interesting events to
be received.  See my sample code in mphoto, mlist or monodoc's list.cs
to see how to set the events to be delivered.

> Then you do create the pixmap outsite of the events in scribble it won't
> fail to run, but it doesn't draw anything.
> You could draw to them by hand, but not with the created events.

A drawing area has those events setup.

> Btw.: Is there a chance to see the libgnomeprint/ui stuff for c# (gtk#)
> someday? I mean i would like to port the gnome-photo-printer stuff i
> worked on before to c#/gtk#.

There are plenty of gnome_print calls in Gtk# today, did you see them?