[Gtk-sharp-list] GTK# 0.11+ Windows Installer Released

Paul Paximadis ppaximadis@websoft.co.za
Tue, 28 Oct 2003 09:17:49 +0200

You could also use SharpDevelop.
I tried it and it compiles fine.

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On Sun, 2003-10-26 at 19:05, jasper van putten wrote:
> It works fine under mono , but .net has problems finding the files. I=20
> have been trying to fix this by setting the $Path to the mono-0.28\lib =

> directory but this didn't help. The  only way to get it running is by=20
> placing the program in the mono-0.28\lib. Does anybody know how this=20
> can be solved in a clean way.

This is by design.  For .NET. :-)

The Gtk# assemblies probably aren't "public" assemblies.  Meaning that =
they likely don't have a strong name, haven't been signed, and aren't =
located in the Global Assembly Cache.

Which means that they're "private" (non-shared) assemblies.  Which means =
that they *must* be located in the same directory as the program.

So you have one of four choices:

  - Run your program under mono, which you've tried

  - Copy your program into mono-0.28\lib, which you've done

  - Copy the Gtk# DLLs into your programs directory

  - Wait (or help) for Gtk# to become strong-named, so it can be placed=20
    in the GAC.  Last I heard, the hold-up with this was that we didn't
    want to deal with two separate build routines (one for Linux, one=20
    for .NET), and Linux didn't have the functionality for signing=20
    assemblies.  This is not longer entirely true, thanks to S=E9bastien

    I have no idea when mono will have full support for signing=20
    assemblies, though.

 - Jon

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