[Gtk-sharp-list] Entry EditingDone Event

Luciano Callero lnc19@hotmail.com
Fri, 24 Oct 2003 09:13:02 -0300

Someone to help me on this? please?

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>I've a Gtk Window with an Entry Widget. This entry must update a value 
>(store in a property) after end editing.
>I think that the EditingDone event that inherit from other its the correct, 
>beacause i need to update when is changed in the entry and not when is 
>change by Programming.
>This is an "Example":
>class Test:Window
>     {
>              public string EntryValue = "";
>              static void Main()
>              {
>              Button button1 = new Button("Change The Entry");
>               Entry entry1 = new Entry();
>              // All the code that initialize the window
>             button1.Clicked += new EventHandler(button1_clicked);
>             entry1.EditingDonde += new EventHandler(entry1_editingdone);
>             entry1.OnChange += new  EventHandler(entry1_onchange);
>            }
>           public void button1_clicked(System.Object Sender, EventArgs 
>           {
>                     entry1.Text = "Test of Change"; // This must not 
>update the value
>           }
>          public void entry1_editingdone(System.Object Sender, EventArgs 
>         {
>                         // HERE Does Not Enter
>                         EntryValue = ((Entry)Sender).Text;
>         }
>        public void entry1_onchange(System.Object Sender, EventArgs args)
>         {
>                       Console.WriteLine("This is shown every time.");
>          }
>     }
>I try 3 thinks:
>1) Use OnChange event, but the problem was that on every key pressed (every 
>value that is inserted) in the entry is updated automaticaly, and this will 
>be very slow, beacause in realy i need to update a Row in a DataTable, and 
>i must to search some positions and other thinks.
>The other and the bigger problem is that, if i change the value of the 
>entry internaly (like button1) it is fire the event onChange, and i must to 
>use some "flag" and this is not very efficient. (Not for my)
>2) The second idea that i have is to use EditingDone Event, but the problem 
>is that it is never fires this event. I dont know if i'm using like it is.
>The finally Question: Do i have to commit suicide? :) Do i need to start 
>reading again?
>Is there an event that is fire when end editing, but before that focus is 
>lost. Like a Validate (in m$) event?
>I'm using correctly the EditingDone Event?
>Thanks in advance.
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