[Gtk-sharp-list] GtkDemo update.

Daniel Kornhauser dkor@media.mit.edu
Sun, 19 Oct 2003 18:04:40 -0400

Hi guys:
GtkDemo is like done (which means that I still have to work another 60%
to finish it ...) you can download it at
                                                                             Thanks for your help in irc.
Yves for DemoPixbuf,
Luke for correcting  C# my style,
I took  some code from Rachel and Duncan too.
            And now...
			TADA!!                                                                                				As always. My 5 top questions ! :-p
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1. In DemoApplicationWindow and DemoItemFactory 	
	I just can't understand how ItemFactory works.
	Is there any example where I can see ItemFactory in action ?
                                                                                3. In DemoTextView
	I could figure how fit hebrew in TextView is a mistery to me.
        How do you creat a Tag.Background ? Stipples Cannot convert
	type 'Gdk.Bitmap' to 'Gdk.Pixmap'

2. In Demo EditableCells, I have tow issues.
	How do I catch the exception in i = Convert.ToInt32(args.Path);
	and exit the callback. Look at the code, I overcommmented 
	to make explicit my problem.

3. In DemoListStore and in DemoTreeStore.
	I can't make the Toggle buttons to work. I tried
	with Rachels code:

Gtk.TreeIter iter;
if (store.GetIterFromString(out iter, args.Path))
	bool val = (bool) store.GetValue(iter, 0);
	Console.WriteLine("toggled {0} with value {1}", args.Path, val);
	store.SetValue(iter, 0, !val);

        but it just doesn't work :-(

4. In DemoStockBrowser 
	I started reading to code, got scared, and went and hid in my 	closet.
	You have some hardcore C programming  here.

5. In DemoMain
	I'm planning to do some syntax highlighting for DemoMain.c of 	TextView
for c#. I you have any good links pointing tutorial, 	please show them
to me.
	Wish me luck guys, I'm really having a painful time realizing 	how lame
I am in programming [violins in the background].

	Any help would be welcomed !