[Gtk-sharp-list] Proposal: Static autoconnect method for Glade#

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
17 Mar 2003 00:15:28 -0500


> Now that attributes are being widely used for Glade# autoconnection, it
> seems that code like this is redundant:
> Glade.XML gxml = new Glade.XML("client.glade", "myWindow", null);
> gxml.Autoconnect(this);
> We no longer need to expose Glade's XML to the application, and there's
> no need for the Glade.XML reference to be kept. Would anyone be against
> the creation of a static autoconnect method like this?
> Glade.XML.Autoconnect (this, "client.glade", "myWindow", null);

I personally like the idea, but also remember that the overloaded
versions of those methods are ugly, so we might want to have things


> Incidentally, the naming of the class "XML" is also counterintuitive as
> the interface provided has nothing to do with XML, but this is probably
> something that should be addressed by the Glade developers.

I agree.