[Gtk-sharp-list] Proposal: Static autoconnect method for Glade#

fd fd0h1440@yahoo.co.uk
08 Mar 2003 18:59:47 +0000

Now that attributes are being widely used for Glade# autoconnection, it
seems that code like this is redundant:

Glade.XML gxml = new Glade.XML("client.glade", "myWindow", null);

We no longer need to expose Glade's XML to the application, and there's
no need for the Glade.XML reference to be kept. Would anyone be against
the creation of a static autoconnect method like this?

Glade.XML.Autoconnect (this, "client.glade", "myWindow", null);

Incidentally, the naming of the class "XML" is also counterintuitive as
the interface provided has nothing to do with XML, but this is probably
something that should be addressed by the Glade developers.