[Gtk-sharp-list] Shadow vs ShadowType

Mike Kestner mkestner@speakeasy.net
12 Mar 2003 07:50:03 -0600

On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 02:34, Lee Mallabone wrote:

> On a class by class basis, you mean?


> Which name we pick isn't of any real consequence, I just thought the
> 'type' in 'shadow-type' was a tad redundant...

Yeah, the issue though is that in order to make this particular property
be named shadow, we would have to hide the shadow-type prop and the
(get|set)_shadow_type methods, otherwise the generator will still
generate the second prop.  We have a preference for get/set methods
built into the generator, because they are more efficient than GObject
properties, so in general choosing the prop name indicated by the
get/set methods is to be preferred if only one of the props has such

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