[Gtk-sharp-list] Problems with Gtk# 0.10 installer for Windows

Shane Hyde shane@trontech.net
Thu, 3 Jul 2003 09:02:32 +1000

> AFAIK the need for %PATH% munging is not affected by this: 
> The patch for 
> Gtk.Application.Init is needed, since Gtk# depends on 
> pinvoking the Gtk+ 
> libraries. To do this successfully we must allow all Gtk# 
> applications 
> to find the Gtk+ libraries. Possible solutions:
> 	1) Gtk+ is installed in %SystemRoot%\System32
> 	2) every Gtk# application adjust HLKM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\
> 	   Windows\App Paths\$APPNAME\Path
> 	3) Gtk+ globally fixes %PATH% on installation
> IHMO "solution" 1 and 2 definitly are out of discussion. Solution 3 
> doesn't work since appearently nobody in the Gtk+/Gtk# 
> community knows, 
> how to cleanly set global environment variables on the 
> Windows platform.
Solution 3 is the correct way.  The GTK+ installer needs to do it, and
if not the GTK# installer should.