[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# 0.6 windows setup -- second release --

Guenther Roith groith@tcrz.net
Tue, 7 Jan 2003 19:41:17 +0100


I've just done a new release of Gtk# 0.6 for windows.


* New theme, that picks up the windows colors and uses native windows
* New theme, that can do native Windows XP style. (Not enabled by default).
* Glade# support

It is designed for the windows setup from the mono download page, but it'll
also work with .NET Framework or a self-built mono setup.

Make sure to install in the same directory, where you've also put mono.

Download: http://www.sport-huettn.de/mono/gtk-sharp-0.6-stable-2.exe


Native theme: http://www.sport-huettn.de/mono/nativegtksharp.png
Glade#: http://www.sport-huettn.de/mono/gladewin.png

Have fun!!