[Gtk-sharp-list] gtk-sharp-0.7 on debian/sid powerpc

Christophe Barbé christophe@cattlegrid.net
04 Feb 2003 13:07:10 -0500

I am trying to get started with gtk# on my debian/sid powerpc laptop.

I use the atoker debian packages and I have rebuild the 0.7 gtk#
packages (they were available only for x86).

My first idea was to try the mono irc client but when I execute it I get
nothing (no message in the console window and no windows). So I moved to
the sample code that are shipped with the gtk# source code and got mixed

For example canvas-example.exe starts, I can add objects but as soon as
the mouse comes over one of this objects I get:

** ERROR **: file class.c: line 1574 (mono_class_get_field): assertion
failed: (mono_metadata_token_code (field_token) == MONO_TOKEN_FIELD_DEF)

I have other results with the other sample apps. I can describe them if
you want.

Also I want to start a gtk# app. Is it realistic to use the last
released mono stuff (as I am doing now) or should I set up my
environment to use components out of CVS?


Christophe Barbé <christophe@cattlegrid.net>