[Gtk-sharp-list] New GConf bindings

Rachel Hestilow hestilow@ximian.com
19 Oct 2002 04:40:33 -0500

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Hey folks,
  I've just committed a hand-rolled GConf binding to cvs. (I didn't use
the generator because it is a small API, and by doing it by hand I can
offer a much nicer API using type overloading and introspection).

  However, I also added a couple of extra niceities that I thought
merited an explanation as to their uses. One is a small program called
gconf-schemagen. It parses in a GConf schema and creates a "Settings"
class with a bunch of static properties corresponding to the GConf
settings. It also defines standard .NET events to monitor when the
values have changed. The other addition is that I've ported the
PropertyEditor API from the control center to C#. This integrates nicely
with libglade to make writing preference dialogs almost painless.
  I've written up a brief tutorial on how to use these additions; it can
be found at http://toxic.magnesium.net/~hestilow/gconfsharp/intro.html .
There is also a demo in sample/gconf.

Happy Hacking,


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