[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# status

Vladimir Vukicevic vladimir@pobox.com
20 Nov 2002 17:00:45 -0800

On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 07:52, Guenther Roith wrote:
> ...
> gnome#, gnome-db# (but gda#), gstreamer# aren't supported on windows and
> most likely won't be in future.

Just wanted to point out that the reason these aren't supported on
windows is because the native libraries themselves are not supported. 
If anyone were to port gnome to run natively under windows (which I
think people have done/attempted in the past, but nothing current), or
any of the others, there is no reason that the gtk-sharp bindings won't
work with these.

	- Vlad
Vladimir Vukicevic <vladimir@pobox.com>