[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# status

Guenther Roith groith@tcrz.net
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 16:52:51 +0100

> Hi,
> Is there a document anywhere that outlines the current status of Gtk#?
> There didn't seem to be anything on gtk-sharp.sourceforge.net, kind of
> like the status summary on go-mono.com.  Are all of the bindings there?

As far as I know, yes. At least the stuff most gtk+ bindings have is
It's mostly about fixing bugs and getting things more stable.

> What about differences between what is supported on Windows and what is
> supported on Linux, for instance I would suppose the gnome specific
> stuff like gnome-db is not supported under Windows?  Will it be?  I
gnome#, gnome-db# (but gda#), gstreamer# aren't supported on windows and
most likely won't be in future.
> haven't even looked yet to see what the advantage of this would be
> anyway...
> I am installing GARNOME on my Mandrake box so I can try and compile Gtk#
> there since it is dependent on all the Gnome 2.0 stuff.  Are there
> Windows DLL's for libgnome, libgda, libgnome-db etc. so one could use
> everything on Windows?  Or is it Linux-specific?

libgda works.libgnome and libgnome-db not.

> Thanks,
> Joe
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