[Gtk-sharp-list] Statistics now available

Mike Kestner mkestner@speakeasy.net
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 01:30:53 -0600

I've made some decent progress in the last week.  Object generation is 
essentially complete now. There are still some "nodes" on the tree that 
are being throttled, but the number is getting smaller each commit.  The 
gtk-hello-world.exe and button.exe are running cleanly again on win32.

Tonight, I added a statistics class to try to get a handle on coverage. 
 The current stats are:

Generation Summary:
    Enums: 152
    Structs: 141
    Boxed: 19
    Interfaces: 18
    Callbacks: 57
    Objects: 158
    Properties: 312
    Signals: 221
    Methods: 1102
    Constructors: 149
    Throttled: 104
    Ignored: 2329
Total Nodes: 4762

So about 50% coverage at the moment.  The huge number of ignored nodes 
consist primarily of field members for structs, boxed types, and 
objects.  Structs and boxed types are also currently not generated 
methods and ctors, but that should be a fairly painless exercise since 
the generation code just needs to be activated.  They share a subclass 
with objects, which are generating methods and ctors solidly now.  

I'll be shifting focus to the structs and boxed types now, trying to get 
that Ignored number down a bit.