[Gtk-sharp-list] Does Gtk# on Win32 have...?

Charles Iliya Krempeaux charles@reptile.ca
26 Dec 2002 20:54:08 -0800


The only part I need are the classes and methods that let me
"get at" the database, so that I can issue SQL statements.
(And get results from this... when there are results.)

I don't really need any of the widgets that go along with this.
(Although it might be nice.)

For me, I want to write GNOME applications.  But I want them
to be able to run on Windows too.  (Because I know some of
my clients will want that... in addition to be able to run
it on GNOME.)

So... what should I use?  (I'm asking for the opinions
of everyone on the list.)

    (1) Should I use the Gda# stuff???  (In expectation that
        it will be working on Windows soon.)

    (2) Should I use the ADO.NET stuff???  (Although this makes
        me feel like I am writing a Windows program.)

    (3) Or, Should I write a wrapper class, to hide weather I
        am using Gda# or ADO.NET???  (And thus use another
        class as my database abstract layer... which seemed
        to be the point of Gda# and ADO.NET in the first place.)

Please post your opinions.


See ya

On Thu, 2002-12-26 at 14:42, Daniel Morgan wrote:
> Mono has database support via its ADO.NET-like functionality.
> We have a working DataTable, DataSet, and other System.Data classes.
> There are data providers for MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC (works on Windows and
> Linux (on Linux via unixODBC), Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase
> OLE DB (uses GDA on Linux), SQL Lite, and Oracle.  Some are at various
> states while others are coming along nicely.
> Currently, GDA can build on Windows via Cygwin, but it does not work.  Also,
> no shared libraries (DLLs on windows) are created which there should be.
> If you want libgnomedb to work on Windows, then the Bonobo, CORBA, and all
> that complex component  stuff will need to be taking out.  GDA will need to
> be working on Windows prior to that.
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> Hello,
> I haven't installed it yet.  (Because I don't have a windows
> machine sitting around me.)  But, do the Win32 binary packages
> of Gtk# have GTKHTML and GNOME-DB???
> (Besides the normal GTK+ stuff, these two, IMO, are the two
> most important things when making "normal applications".
> GTKHTML is important for [easily] making nice looking UIs.  And
> GNOME-DB is important for using databases.)
> See ya
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