[Gtk-sharp-list] Does Gtk# on Win32 have...?

Rodrigo Moya rodrigo@ximian.com
27 Dec 2002 00:02:36 +0100

On Thu, 2002-12-26 at 23:42, Daniel Morgan wrote:
> Mono has database support via its ADO.NET-like functionality.
> We have a working DataTable, DataSet, and other System.Data classes.
> There are data providers for MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC (works on Windows and
> Linux (on Linux via unixODBC), Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase
> OLE DB (uses GDA on Linux), SQL Lite, and Oracle.  Some are at various
> states while others are coming along nicely.
> Currently, GDA can build on Windows via Cygwin, but it does not work.  Also,
> no shared libraries (DLLs on windows) are created which there should be.
> If you want libgnomedb to work on Windows, then the Bonobo, CORBA, and all
> that complex component  stuff will need to be taking out.  GDA will need to
> be working on Windows prior to that.

well, libgnomedb has a dependency on Bonobo just for a few bits, so it
should be possible to not compile that part on Windows, and just compile
the plain GTK widgets, which is the biggest part in libgnomedb. That
way, you will have all the GTK data-bound widgets without having to port
Bonobo/ORBit to Windows.

Of course, as Daniel says, prior to that, libgda should work on windows.

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo@ximian.com>