[Gtk-sharp-list] GTK# tutorial anyone?

Rick Gruber rick@vanosten.net
18 Aug 2002 14:32:23 +0200

I started using Mono and C# two days ago and decided to port a
vocabulary trainer written in Java/Swing to C#/GTK#. Now I am struggling
quite a bit to come up to speed using the GTK# API.
As far as I can see the only docs are the one automatically generated
from the sources by Rachel using some sort of PERL/NDoc or whatever.

So my first question: Is anyone planning to write a tutorial on using

If not, I could find myself tempted to write things down while porting
my application. It would most probably not be comparable to something
like the gtk-tutorial or the Swing tutorial
(http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/uiswing/index.html), but ...

So my second question: Is there any preference regarding how this should
/ could look like (like style guides for GTK#/Mono documentation)?
Preferences for format (XML/XSLT vs. direct XHTML)? Any suggestions?

Regards ... Rick