[Gtk-sharp-list] ???

Incredible-Fish incrediblefish@yahoo.com
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 13:34:50 -0500

Question.... is there like a website for the project or anything? I can't
seem to find it...

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> > Is this list really that quite or am I just not signed-up properly?
> It's really quiet.  :-)
> To break the silence, I'll provide a quick update.
> In the last week, I've committed a simple event parser to extract
> signal declarations from the gtk source.  There is no official
> source for these defs yet, so I will either be submitting this
> upstream for the other bindings' use or nuking it at some point
> in the future when official defs are available.
> Last night I checked in initial support for event declaration in
> the code generator.  It can handle the previously defined
> GLib.SimpleSignalDelegate and Gdk.SimpleEventDelegate style events.
> I'll be doing some investigation into closures to see if they can
> be used to simplify this process.
> At this point, with the exception of two signals, the entire
> public API for Gtk.Window is generating and compiling cleanly on
> Windows.  That includes all methods, properties, and
> constructors, plus some Gtk# customizations.
> Mike