[Gtk-sharp-list] ???

mkestner@speakeasy.net mkestner@speakeasy.net
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 10:22:30 -0800

> Is this list really that quite or am I just not signed-up properly?

It's really quiet.  :-)

To break the silence, I'll provide a quick update.

In the last week, I've committed a simple event parser to extract signal declarations from the gtk source.  There is no official source for these defs yet, so I will either be submitting this upstream for the other bindings' use or nuking it at some point in the future when official defs are available.

Last night I checked in initial support for event declaration in the code generator.  It can handle the previously defined GLib.SimpleSignalDelegate and Gdk.SimpleEventDelegate style events.

I'll be doing some investigation into closures to see if they can be used to simplify this process.

At this point, with the exception of two signals, the entire public API for Gtk.Window is generating and compiling cleanly on Windows.  That includes all methods, properties, and constructors, plus some Gtk# customizations.