[Group-leaders] Hello Leaders, Checking In

James Montemagno james.montemagno at xamarin.com
Thu Oct 24 00:54:54 UTC 2013

Hello Xamarin Group Leaders!

A few of you might have seen my name around the Xamarin forums, chat rooms,
or on Twitter. If you haven’t, I am James Montemagno and I recently started
here at Xamarin as a Developer Evangelist. I wanted to reach out and
introduce myself and see how all of the User Groups were doing.

I have been a .NET developer for over a decade now in many different
development industries. Over the past two years I have spent my time
dedicated to mobile .NET applications using Xamarin Technology. Even though
I am located in Seattle, Washington, one of my top priorities as an
evangelist for Xamarin is to be extremely active in the community and user
groups everywhere. I am here to ensure you have everything that you need
for your local communities to expand and thrive.

I have gone through the entire archive and read most of your introductions
and I am extremely interested to see how everything has been going over the
past few months with your user groups. I am curious to see what has been
working well for you and what could we be doing to help you make it even

I look forward to hearing from everyone and hopefully getting to meet some
of you very soon. Feel free to reach out to me here via email or on Twitter


James Montemagno

Developer Evangelist, Xamarin Inc.
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