[Group-leaders] Please Help Spread The Word

Onorio Catenacci Catenacci at Ieee.Org
Wed Oct 9 14:33:08 UTC 2013

Hi all,

A recently cancelled conference helped to remind me of how important word
of mouth is in terms of getting people to our events.  In that spirit, I
would appreciate it if any of you that care to would spread the word about
this event:


and likewise, please let me (or all of us) know about your upcoming events
and I'll be happy to spread the word too.  You never know which of our
twitter followers may have friends in other parts of the country who would
be interested in seeing our presentations.

BTW, yes, this is an F# meetup but I'm talking about using Xamarin with F#
to build an Android app. :-)

Onorio Catenacci

let name = ["O";"n";"o";"r";"i";"o"] |> List.reduce (+)
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