[forms-devel] Xamarin.Forms Android Custom Font Support

Roy Vousten royvou at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 14 18:51:31 UTC 2016

Hello Xamarin.Forms Community,

Why doesn't Xamarin.Forms support custom Font's for various controls on the Android Platform?

As a recap the current situation.
iOS: Use the Font Name (Custom fonts that should be loaded are defined in info.plist).
Android: Create a Custom renderer  or use the font name for a system font.
WP: Use filelocation # fontname for a custom font, or use the font name for a system font.

Something that could be implemented for Android so custom fonts is a supported feature across all platforms.

We could parse the FontFamily property to determine if it's an filelocation/filename [myawesomefont.ttf/myawesomefont.otf]. If it is, we should load the font from that location, otherwise it's a normal font and we should use the current way of loading a font.

It seems to be all that has to be changed is this:

This shouldn't have a big impact on the codebase and not break existing apps.


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