[forms-devel] Color.Accent

Jason Smith jas at microsoft.com
Fri Jul 22 16:20:55 UTC 2016

Reading Color.Accent from the current theme would be the preferred approach :) Thanks!

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Color.Accent is used on Android as text and separator color for TableSections and this cannot be changed. It is also used as default color for TextCell.TextColor, but this can be set by the user, so it is no problem.

Color.Accent is set to a hardcoded value in Xamarin.Forms.Forms.SetupInit (in the Platform.Android project) and it cannot be changed by the user.

I could do a PR for

-          Making the Color.Accent setter public (so just removing the "internal")

-          Enhance the logic in SetupInit to read the colorAccent from the current theme

Either would suffice, both would be better.

What do you prefer?


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