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Tue Mar 30 18:36:58 EST 2004

Author: tberman
Date: 2004-03-30 18:36:58 -0500 (Tue, 30 Mar 2004)
New Revision: 1301

removing/modifying docs, these should be on the web page regardless, except for README

Deleted: trunk/MonoDevelop/FAQS
--- trunk/MonoDevelop/FAQS	2004-03-30 21:54:36 UTC (rev 1300)
+++ trunk/MonoDevelop/FAQS	2004-03-30 23:36:58 UTC (rev 1301)
@@ -1,40 +0,0 @@
-- Why do I get "** ERROR **: Must shutdown ORB from main thread"
-  when exiting MonoDevelop?
-There was a bug in ORBit2 2.8.2 and lower.  Please upgrade ORBit2
-if you do not want to see this error anymore.
-- Why aren't my C# files syntax highlighted?
-GNOME doesn't recognize *.cs files as the text/x-csharp
-mimetype.  gtksourceview-sharp tries to set this up automatically,
-but it may not work in all cases. You can use 
-gnome-file-types-properties to do this.
-- What if the configuration summary says 'no' for one of the
-  requirements?
-The configure script uses pkg-config to see if you have the 
-required packages to build.  If it can't detect a package that
-you have installed:
-add the path to the <package>.pc file to PKG_CONFIG_PATH
-ex. export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH	
-install a newer version or the development counterpart
-of that package and rerun ./configure
-ex. gnome-vfs2-devel-2.4.1-1.rpm
-- Is there anonymous access to the source?
-Yes, via snapshots at http://devservices.go-mono.com/MonoDevelop/
-Hopefully now that subversion is 1.0 we will get our anonymous
-mirror of the repository up and going again.
-- How do I rebuild the Code Completion database?
-You can either remove the database itself or remove the
-reference to its location in the config file
-ex. rm ~/.config/MonoDevelop/CodeCompletionData/*.bin
-ex. edit ~/.config/MonoDevelop/MonoDevelopProperties.xml and
-remove the SharpDevelop.CodeCompletion.DataDirectory node

Deleted: trunk/MonoDevelop/KNOWN_ISSUES
--- trunk/MonoDevelop/KNOWN_ISSUES	2004-03-30 21:54:36 UTC (rev 1300)
+++ trunk/MonoDevelop/KNOWN_ISSUES	2004-03-30 23:36:58 UTC (rev 1301)
@@ -1,13 +0,0 @@
-This list tracks know issues, hopefully to prevent duplicate bug reporting
-upon release.
-* When you iconify a dockitem, close MonoDevelop and reopen, the dockitem is
-  gone.
-* When you maximize MonoDevelop, the docks do not resize properly.
-* The toolbar sometimes exhibit interesting behaviour including but not
-  limited to looking disabled and working, looking enabled and not working
-  and others.
-* Lingering code completion issues
-* When you click on  File->Recent Projects->clear recent project list or
-  File->Recent Files->clear recent files list you need a confimartion dialog
-  in order to avoid clearing accidentaly.

Modified: trunk/MonoDevelop/README
--- trunk/MonoDevelop/README	2004-03-30 21:54:36 UTC (rev 1300)
+++ trunk/MonoDevelop/README	2004-03-30 23:36:58 UTC (rev 1301)
@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@
 monodoc >= 0.12
 mono debugger >= 0.6
 gtksourceview >= 0.7 (0.9.x is only for GNOME 2.6 users)
+gecko-sharp >= 0.1 (gtkmozembed-sharp in mono's cvs)
 gtksourceview-sharp from mono's cvs
 (gtksourceview is available on Red Carpet,
 on many of the OpenCarpet channels.)

Deleted: trunk/MonoDevelop/TODO
--- trunk/MonoDevelop/TODO	2004-03-30 21:54:36 UTC (rev 1300)
+++ trunk/MonoDevelop/TODO	2004-03-30 23:36:58 UTC (rev 1301)
@@ -1,130 +0,0 @@
-NOTE: This file is deprecated please use bugzilla instead.
-- Get code-folding working (not implemented in #d).
-- printing support
-- parser segfaults on complex files
-- cut/copy is slow
-	Rename `Combine' to `Solution' everywhere.
-	Add `Add Item', `Add new Item' to Solution so we can add new file types.
-`New Project', `New file' dialog box redesign
-	Given that today, and for the near few months we wont support other
-	things other than C# well, I suggest that instead of having a box on the
-	left listing tons of languages we dont support, we move to:
-		Console Apps
-		GUI apps.
-		Web-based apps.	
-		Other kind of apps.
-	The right hand side could contains an XD2-like control center, with more
-	space or more options instead of an icon list, something like this:
-		Main Applications
-		-----------------
-		Gtk#      Gnome
-		Subclasses
-		----------
-		Window	  DrawingArea
-WebForms Support
-	Add support for creating ASP.NET based webforms, which means:
-		* Add a template.
-		* When adding a new `item' of type .aspx, also create by default
-		  a item.aspx.cs for the code-behind code (the user can choose to
-		  leave it empty).
-		* Add a Makefile to build this thing?
-WebServices support
-	Add `Add Web Reference' support to the IDE in the Solutions tab.
-	Create a mini-web browser to browse arbitrary URLS, and find any .wsdl documents on it
-	Import WSDL documents, generate the url.wsdl file.
-	Add this to the Makefile
-Building code
-	I have no idea (miguel) how the code is being built, but maybe whatever information
-	we have should be turned into a Makefile.  This has the advantage that anyone
-	can build without MonoDevelop our solutions (think of people doing deployments on 
-	a web page: they could just copy the directory, and type `make install').
-	Cute other option: support `make dist', to create a package, generate our own
-	`configure' file (does not need to be automake-based, look at Nemerle's very cute
-	shell-based system).
-	Further thought: in the past autoconf made sense to detect system-op-isms, today
-	it is mostly used to detect packages installed and do macro expansion;   The detection
-	has been already taken care of with `pkg-config' (look at nemerle's nice setup).
-Remove the /recurse *.cs option
-	When calling mcs, it should do this through the Makefile, not through calling mcs /recurse
-	or anything like that, since it leads to errors (also the Makefile has the advantages
-	described before)
-- should not be enabled unless known mimetype
-- Backspace is caught by KeyReleaseEvent instead of KeyPressEvent
-- Add option for autopopup on/off and a ctrl+space keybinding
-- CSS support
-- visibility bug
-- Implement Drag and Drop support
-- StartPage event handling
-- Implement menu items (see MonoDevelopBrokenMenuItems.txt)
-- Port dialogs (see README for HIG info)
-- Implement the remaining Option Dialogs (jba)
-- Glade and HIG-ification of dialogs
-- CodeCompletion generation exit and restart cleanly
-- Implement binding with monodoc to allow InsightWindow to work properly
-- Implement Help Scout 
-- Tie Help Scout to monodoc
-- doesnt save settings (last category/template). (Blair)
-- "Wizards" do not work

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