[MonoDevelop] Partial message at top

Thomas Knapp krt2076 at tds.net
Mon Nov 21 17:49:30 UTC 2016

Not there and there is no .cache directory under /home/pi or any other 
directory which seems related to MonoDevelop.

I assume that this error message about the code window, viz., "Cannot 
execute "/home/pi...[program name]". File name has not b..." is a 
preformed message with variables for specific directories and program 
names.  Might I find that in the MonoDevelop installation directory and 
be able to figure out what the dang thing means?

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Date: 	Tue, 22 Nov 2016 01:36:31 +0800
From: 	Andres <knocte at gmail.com>
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Try /home/andres/.cache/MonoDevelop-*/Logs ?

On Tuesday, November 22, 2016 01:29 AM, Thomas wrote:
> On the Raspberry Pi 3, running Raspbian Jessie with Pixel, there are no
> logs in ~/Library/Logs/MonoDevelop-{version}/.  There is a directory
> ~/.config/MonoDevelop-4.0 in which has no log files.  Another directory
> ~/.config/MonoDevelop has a file labeled 'log', but it is not recording
> the item I noted in my original email and is empty after this error
> message is displayed.

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