[MonoDevelop] stupid newbie question .... how do I start the IDE ???

Lewis Balentine lewis at keywild.com
Wed May 4 11:43:08 UTC 2016

My interest is in finding something that works cross-platform between 
Windows and Linux.
I primarily run Linux Mint(X64) with the Mate UI.
On some ocasions I am forced to to resort to Windows 7 (X64).

I installed Xamarin Studio on Windows 7 and it works after a fashion.
So I am playing with around C# console apps.

Next I decide to set up a Linux machine (sandboxed) to try some of the 
code there.
Followed all the directions and installed the various packages as 
outlined at the URL

Problem 1: Nothing shows up in Mate's menu system.
Problem 2: Nowhere amongst the FAQ, Usage and other handy place does it 
give one the name of the program or command to run to start the 
<explicative deleted> IDE!!! ... then again maybe there is not an IDE.

So maybe mono is so intuitive it supposed to be able to read my mind
... hey not even I can read my mind (too dang much clutter).

This folks is WHY people resist using Linux.
Total lack of the required basic information.

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