[MonoDevelop] can we run asp.net MVC5 web app that target .net 4.6 on mono?

Shrimpy WU shrimpywu at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 17 04:04:20 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,
>From below compatibility page, seems like .net 4.6 only support C#, and no mention of MVC. Tried to run an asp.net MVC5 app on mono that target .net 4.6, getting error of "Array.Empty" not found but runs fine when change to .net 4.5.
so does it mean mono not support MVC web app on .net 4.6 yet?

The easiest way to describe what Mono currently supports is:Everything in .NET 4.5 except WPF, WWF, and with limited WCF and limited ASP.NET 4.5 async stack.System.Web and WCF are candidates for ‘almost immediate’ porting from the .NET reference source back to Mono, so support coverage may improve.Here is a slightly more detailed view, by .NET framework version:ImplementedPartially ImplementedNot Implemented.NET 4.6C# 6.0.NET 4.5C# 5.0 - async supportAsync Base Class Library UpgradeMVC4 - Partial, no async features supported.MVC5 - Partial, no async features supported.ASP.NET 4.5 Async Pipeline - Needs a parallel processing pipeline with async support, not done.

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