[MonoDevelop] Building MonoDevelop on FreeBSD 10.3

Timotheus Pokorra timotheus.pokorra at solidcharity.com
Mon Aug 15 06:03:18 UTC 2016


> Alternatively you could probably change the target framework of
> RefactoringEssentials.csproj. I'm not sure why it targets PCL.

I am also trying to build MonoDevelop 6 for Linux, especially for Fedora.

My current attempts are here:

These are my commands to change RefactoringEssentials.csproj to not target PCL:
# do not depend on .NET Portable reference assemblies
sed -i "s#<NoStdLib>true</NoStdLib>#<NoStdLib>false</NoStdLib>#g"
sed -i "s#<TargetFrameworkProfile>Profile7</TargetFrameworkProfile>##g"
sed -i "s#.*Microsoft\.VsSDK\.targets.*##g" $RefactoringEssentials
sed -i "s#.*Microsoft\.Portable\.CSharp\.targets.*##g" $RefactoringEssentials
sed -i 's#</Project>#<Import
/>\n</Project>#g' $RefactoringEssentials
sed -i 's#</Project>#<ItemGroup>\n<Reference
Include="System.Xml"/>\n<Reference Include="System"/>\n<Reference

By the way, I build a monodevelop tarball with this script and patches
on Ubuntu 14.04:
I patched make dist to also download and include all the nuget
packages required.
uses a binary external\nuget-binary\NuGet.ProjectManagement.dll which
is compiled against a specific version 6.0 of Newtonsoft.Json which
needs to be fetched from NuGet.

I was able to build an rpm on the weekend, but that was with using all
the prebuilt binaries, which is not acceptable for inclusion into the
official Fedora repositories. I wonder how to build the roslyn
binaries on Mono, and other binaries from nuget. I wonder if we need
to get a build of msbuild for Linux?

But even with that rpm, I could not install it, because it required
mono(System.Web.Mvc) =
So I still need to patch that out, I guess.

I hope we can benefit from each others work, and get MonoDevelop 6
running on various Linuxes and BSDs.


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